Our Position On Who People With Disabilities Should Marry

Categories: The Way To Relationship Webinar Workshop | Posted on Jan 3, 2019

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One of the major pillars of our work, which is reflected in the “Way To Relationship” workshop is that we do not recommend choosing or introducing people to each other because of a certain ability or disability. Neither both parties having PhD’s or both being in a wheelchair is a recipe for a successful relationship and marriage. A successful relationship needs much more.

We recommend to see who is the person first; as we do not recommend to confine those with disabilities with others with disabilities, on the same token we do not recommend giving extensive credit to a person just because of the mere fact that they are not confined to a wheelchair, or did not go through this challenge in this lifetime.

Alongside with this, we do acknowledge that unfortunately society in large (both the individuals, their families) do not see people with disabilities as a true and full potential partner for marriage (of course there are many individual exceptions to this).

We do believe that we are living in changing times toward a shift in social awareness when more and more inclusion will start to happen with the individual and family levels, as well as society in general.

The work that we are doing , in the workshops and the individual mentoring supports the participants to operate at their best with all of the above to find the right partner and to create a good, quality, loving relationship, and marriage. It is possible.