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Going through life sometime we give up on a piece of our true essence, we are not always aware of it and when we realize it we might think it is too difficult, too late or we don't know what to do with it. It is easier to convince ourselves why not and to shoot down our true desires.

In our personal and professional journey, we have witnessed the impact of being the one who is committed to the other’s (individual as well as organizational)  true essence even more than they are to themselves. 

We created It’s Possible For You as a platform to empower individuals and groups to make the possible, possible.

What We Offer

We offer several dynamic workshops.  These workshops are led either in person or via webinar.

The Flagship product that has been running with great success in Israel created and conducted by Rachel Kolette Wheeler with David Wheeler

"The Way To Relationship" Workshop This workshop is for everybody.  There is a tailored version for those with disabilities.

Communication and awareness series of workshops

Mentor Training Program for Pre-Marriage and the First Year of Marriage 

It's Possible For You 

The People Behind It's Possible For You

Rachel has more than 30 years experience in the areas of empowerment, communication and relationship. working with thousands of people from varied backgrounds and walks of life including people with disabilities.

Her flagship product is “The Way to Relationship” workshop, based on a method she created and designed for pre- marriage and 1st year of marriage, and has been running successfully for more than 15 years.

For the last two years Rachel has been working intensively with Inbar (an Israeli non profit to enable relationships for people with disabilities (http://www.inbardate.org.il). Working in the capacity of both the organization’s strategist and method and programs designer.  In addition she also serves as the senior trainer and coach for the organization’s staff, facilitators, mentors and members.

Rachel is a mother and married to David Wheeler.

Rachel can be reached at: rachel@itspossibleforyou.com

A Mentor, Teacher, Musician, Counselor, Father and a Husband.  David has extensive experience in music, pre-marriage and 1st year of marriage mentoring, as well both Reflexology and Western Herbalism.

David is conducting with Rachel, “The Way to Relationship” workshop, and he is the designer and creator of “The Mozart in You” workshop series.

David can be reached at: david@itsposibleforyou.com

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